Photo courtesy of Thumbtack

Photo courtesy of Thumbtack


Help your cleaner get the stability they need.

Thumbtack + Alia are helping house cleaners access Paid Time Off, life insurance and accident insurance.


Do you know what happens when your house cleaner is sick?

If they are like most house cleaners, they have to choose between taking a day off or losing income they rely on.

Until now.

Alia makes it easy for house cleaners to collect contributions from their clients - like you - so they can get the stability they need.



Join Alia today and Thumbtack will match your contributions up to $100.


With your help, we’re having a big impact



No-one should have to worry about working when they are sick. With Alia, your cleaner won’t have to.


Your contribution, multiplied

Just $5/cleaning becomes meaningful benefits when every client contributes.

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Support they need

Your cleaner uses your contributions for the benefits they choose: paid time off, life insurance or accident insurance.


National Domestic Workers Alliance

Alia is in partnership with the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the nation’s leading voice for the respect and dignity of domestic workers.


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