You are appreciated.

The home is a sacred place. It’s where we rest, recuperate, re-energize. It houses what is most precious to us - our families - and it is where we spend our most valuable time, connecting with our loved ones.

Mothers are sacred, too. They hold a place in our hearts and our homes that cannot be replaced, and some of them - like you - make many homes places that families enjoy, not just your own.

This Mother’s Day we appreciate you.

You contribute so much to our lives, and you deserve to take a day off when you need to rest and recuperate when you’re unwell, without losing pay. You help us with our homes so we can spend time with our children, and you deserve to be able to be with your children when they need their mother, for a field trip or a parent teacher conference.

You deserve benefits. Like Paid Time Off, and life insurance to protect your family. And we want to help you get them, with your clients’ contributions.

Thank you for everything you do. Now, let us do something for you.


Your Benefits.

Paid by Clients.

Because You Deserve Them.


How does it work?


Create your Alia account.


Find your clients on Alia, and receive their contributions to your benefits.


Start collecting Paid Time Off, and choose to access a $5,000 Life Insurance policy.


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