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1. Create An Account

Your Alia account lets you easily set up recurring benefits contributions for the person who works in your home.

You choose how much to contribute each month, and you can update your contribution at any time.

2. Connect Your Account

Use the phone number of the person who cleans your home to find their Alia account and connect it with your account.

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If they have not joined Alia, you will be prompted to text them an invitation to create an account.

Every cleaner who creates an Alia account will receive a call from our worker support team to help them onboard. We provide customer support in English and Spanish.

3. Contribute Benefits


Choose how much you’d like to contribute to the benefits of the person who cleans your home.

We suggest $5 per cleaning. If your home is cleaned every week, we suggest creating a $20/month contribution plan.

Add a contribution to plan to your account.

Now you can enjoy your clean home, and knowing that you’ve done your part to take care of the person who is taking care of you!

Learn what the impact of $5 per cleaning can create.

4. Cleaner Customer Service

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When a cleaner is receiving benefits contributions, she can:

  • Request Paid Time Off through her Alia account, so doesn’t lose income when she is unable to work

  • Enroll in life insurance

We will help her add clients to her Alia account so she can build her contributions.