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There are millions of mothers who, every day, leave their homes to care for others.

They clean and tidy our homes, before they return to theirs. They keep our homes in order so we can enjoy the mess of family life.

This Mother’s Day, help her get the benefits she deserves.

Alia is an easy way for house cleaners to access benefits, like Paid Time Off and life insurance.

  • Create an Alia account

  • Invite her to join Alia by texting her an invitation from your account.

  • Our bilingual customer support team will follow up to help her sign up.

Then, print one of our Mother’s Day cards below (single page or folded, English or Spanish) and leave it in your home the next time she comes to clean.

Let’s make sure we’re taking care of the mothers who take care of our homes.


Download and print one of our Mother’s Day cards.

Download and print your card by clicking on the button below each image for English or Spanish cards. Don’t forget to write her name after “Dear” or “Estimada”, and to sign your name.

Leave it in your home the next time she comes to clean, to show your appreciation and to invite her to join Alia and enjoy her benefits!

Double-Sided Card

(Make sure your printer settings are Landscape Mode, and “Short-edge binding” or “Flip on short edge”.)

Single Pager

What is Alia?

Alia is an easy way for clients and employers of house cleaners to contribute to cleaners’ benefits.

Alia Benefits include Paid Time Off and Life Insurance.


How does it work?

1 Create an account.

2 Set up a monthly contribution to the person who cleans your home. We suggest $5 per cleaning (or $20/month if you receive a weekly cleaning.

3 Cleaners receive all of the contributions from their clients, and manage their own benefits with the help of our customer support team.


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Alia is in partnership with the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Hand in Hand.

Learn more about Alia and Alia’s partnerships.