Once I sign-up, is there anything I have to do?

Share with your friends! After that, there is nothing more you have to do.

We'll reach out to your Cleaner in either English or Spanish, help them get set up, and support them to get their other clients contributing too.

When will my contributions start?

When your Cleaner successfully signs up you will be able to add them to your account and set up a monthly contribution plan for them. You will be charged the same time every month. 

How does Alia work?

Once you sign up, you will be prompted to search for your Cleaner to see if they are already on the Alia. If they are, you add them to your account. If they are not, then you can invite them to join. Once you're both registered, you simply set up your monthly contribution. You will be charged in $USD and your Cleaner will receive them as Alia Benefits Credits in their account. Your Cleaner can use the credits they receive from you (and their other clients) to purchase & manage their own benefits. 
More info here.

What benefits can my Cleaner access?

Cleaners can access Paid Time Off. Cleaners in California and New York can also access accident insurance, critical illness insurance, life insurance, or disability insurance. We’ll be adding insurance options in additional states in the coming months.

Is my benefits Credits purchase tax deductible?


Does Alia charge my Cleaner any participation fees?


How does my Cleaner get Paid Time Off?

If your Cleaner misses a day of expected work, they can use their Alia Benefits Credits to obtain Paid Time Off, available as a $120 non-reloadable Visa® Card, to replace income they would have lost.

What information does my Cleaner need to give in order to participate?

We designed Alia so that it’s easy for Cleaners to participate. The only information we require them to provide is their First and Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Mailing Address. We do not collect any information about your or your Cleaner's immigration or employment status.

 Still have questions?

We are here to answer any more questions you have. Simply 
contact us or email us at hi@myalia.org

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*Insurance Premium Coverage for insurance benefits is currently available only to Cleaners who reside in New York and California.

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