+ Can I really make a difference with just $5 per clean?

Absolutely! Most cleaners have around 5 clients they see a couple of times a month. That's already $50 a month in all contributions. With $50 a month, a cleaner can have five full days of paid time off a year or have group life and accident coverage for their entire families.

+ My cleaner feels unsure about trusting Alia. What do I tell them?

Alia has been featured on CNN, Telemundo, and many other mainstream news organization. We are funded by foundations such as, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, and others. The mission of Alia is to make sure that if you work, you get benefits. That's what we are about.

+ How does Alia make money?

Alia is a nonprofit and does not take a "cut" of clients' contributions. 100% of your contributions go to your cleaner. We are supported by foundations such as, the Ford Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, and others.

+ How does my cleaner get PTO and insurance?

Your cleaner can request PTO and sign up for group insurance with their Alia account or with the help of our bilingual customer service team. Occasionally, your cleaner may manage their insurance benefits directly with our carrier - Amalgamated Life Insurance Company.

+ Does Alia report client contributions for tax purposes?

No, we do not.