Alia gives you access to benefits like Paid Time Off and Insurance.

Our worker support team is available to discuss your benefits needs at:, (315) 636-0067 (call) or (415) 991-7007 (text.)


Paid Time Off

Everyone who works deserves benefits, and that includes taking time off to recover from illness, care for a sick child or take care of family responsibilities - without losing pay.

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How it works

  • As your clients contribute to your benefits, your Alia Credit balance grows.

  • When you need to take time off, you can request Paid Time Off by logging into your Alia account.

  • We will mail you a VISA Gift Card preloaded with the value of your Alia Credits, that you can use anywhere that takes VISA.

  • Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions about Paid Time Off.

Life Insurance and NDWA Membership

Alia offers access to $5,000 life insurance coverage as a benefit of membership in the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Life insurance is available through a group policy to NDWA members, by Amalgamated Life.

NDWA membership is only $2/month. Your life insurance coverage is a benefit of NDWA membership and doesn’t require any additional premium payment.

You can find more information about NDWA membership and the life insurance benefit in our FAQ here.

Ready to join? Click below, and we’ll contact you to answer any questions and help you sign up.

Coming up….

We’re currently working on bringing accident insurance and retirement benefits to Alia members.

Let us know if you’re interested in these benefits and we’ll be in touch when they’re available: